Innovative Technology. Litigation focused. Strictly Legal.

We are the Deposition Video Experts and the largest Litigation Video technology company you have never heard of.  Well, until now!

Since 2012 we have been providing quality videography and video production services behind the scenes to major Court Reporting Agencies, mainly in Southern California, even acting as their external “video department”.

We have been at the forefront of innovation such as being the first to deliver 100% high definition in 2013, and creating the first and only true Cloud Platform designed exclusively for Litigation video that actually lets you work on your video, not just watch it.

We have worked with tens of thousands of hours of Depositions, and produced thousands of videos for most of the top litigation Firms.  We may have even worked on your Depositions!

Today, we are leading the charge in providing Litigation focused technology solutions from Deposition through to Trial directly to litigators.

The driizl team have over 25 years combined experience in providing Litigation support and litigation video.

Our focus is on creating a better Deposition experience that brings all the advantages of the latest technology, but in a way that fits for Litigators and litigation teams.

Our passion is delivering the promise of technology – Smarter, Faster, Cheaper, with incredible tools built from knowledge and experience, always people focused and purpose driven.

Our mission is straightforward – simple, relevant and effective technology that you can use.

Meet The Team

Meet Our Fantastic Team of Heroes


Caron Tracy

Chief Executive Officer.

Rick Levy

Litigation Video Manager.

Carlos Acosta

Chief Technology Officer.